Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement  

Our Mission, if you allow us, is to keep the pendulum swinging! We do this by offering new and innovative ideas which help our clients to stay ahead of the game; as well as providing an unrivaled level of customer service.  Wherever an opportunity arises, we work tirelessly to ensure our clients have many options and lots of flexibility so that they can stay competitive within their industry.

We believe a business relationship is a two-way conversation and in order to keep the pendulum swinging, we constantly engage with our clients on a regular basis. We strive to provide accurate, informative and essential information which ensures that both parties continue to have a successful and fruitful relationship.

Our Core Values  

Our core values demonstrate what we believe is key to our business relationship with our clients:


Pendulum Contracting Services will work professionally & efficiently in order to establish full trust between both parties. After all, a relationship without trust never works well.   We promise to always be upfront on any aspect of our operation, advising regularly on employment compliance or government legislation changes whether or not they impact your business.


Workers are paid on time each week resulting in minimal queries back to you.  We promise to always be on hand for our clients, their workers and on occasion end users. We work tirelessly with our clients to ensure that the labour supply chain is happy throughout. What’s more, we completely understand the importance of delivering on our promises and providing a reliable, stable platform for all who use it.


Our commitment is to provide robust, innovative payroll solutions to the labour supply sector that conforms to all current legislation, industry standards and/or regulatory requirements. We embrace the interests of our clients in order to provide the confidence that we can deliver compliant solutions and achieve our collective goal – success.

Dave Clark
Pendulum Contracting Services Ltd