Our Hybrid Model

Our Hybrid model embraces the legislation for genuinely self-employed contractors who are caught by the amendment to Part 2, Chapter 7, section 44, Income Tax (Earnings and Pensions) Act 2003 (“the Agency Legislation”) which, from 6th April 2014, requires individuals who are subject to Supervision, Direction or Control on assignment to be paid subject to deduction of PAYE and National Insurance Contributions.

Retain Your Self-Employed Status

Contractors will be employed for the purposes of employment tax but retain their self-employed status for employment law purposes. As part of our engagement process we ensure all employment regulations are used to assess the contractors’ eligibility.

We will also process travel expenses and other qualifying expenses such as PPE and accommodation, where eligible. All submitted expenses are subject to audit and you may be selected on a periodic basis.

Benefits To You

The benefits to you as a contractor:

  • Guaranteed Friday payment
  • Fast effective communications
  • Competitive margin structures
  • Complete expense verification and approval platform
  • Hassle free unlike the responsibility of running your own business
  • Retain maximum flexibility of being a self-employed individual
  • You choose the assignments you want to accept and we deal with invoicing and tax payments
  • Your income tax is deducted at source and so you can trust that all your tax liabilities are up to date

Have Any Questions?

If you have any questions and would like to discuss your options further than our friendly support team is just waiting for your call.

Call 0333 0066 296 to find out more!