Is Hybrid For Me?

Is Hybrid For You?

Trying to find the most tax efficient contracting solution to work with can be a nightmare, especially if you are new to the world of contracting.  At Pendulum Contracting Services we guide you through the mire of complex and legal legislation governing these areas so that you are clear on the kind of contracting solutions that fit with your needs.

Hybrid contracting is a solution that we can offer to some contractors and we’ll not only explain how this solution works but we will give you some pointers along the way.  As part of our engagement process we conduct a very detailed assessment of your working practices.  This helps us to identify the correct supply terms to ensure that both you and any sub-contractors are 100% compliant with all employment and tax regulations.

At Pendulum Contracting Services we operate a Hybrid self-employed PAYE system for contractors who wish to remain self-employed, but whom are subject to direction supervision or control within the workplace. While being subject to PAYE subcontractors retain their self-employed status. Contractors under the Hybrid Scheme are also able to reclaim some expenses and are not exposed to worker or employee liabilities. We also provide Contractors with a bespoke online portal for uploading any expenses or time sheets, which greatly reduces any admin burdens.

Have Any Questions?

If you have any questions and would like to discuss your options further then our friendly support team is just waiting for your call.

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