Recruitment Agencies

Working With Agencies

Pendulum Contracting Services has developed solutions to support all aspects of the temporary labour market. We know working in the current economic climate proves challenging and is made only more difficult by the ever changing legislation.

We all have to stay competitive as margins tighten and squeeze what small profits are there to be made. Here at Pendulum, we do this by constantly reviewing our operating structures to ensure that we are providing innovative, robust, alternate contracting solutions which are competitive and cost-effective.

Agency Benefits 

  • Technical Support – Dedicated professionals supporting you and your workers.
  • Innovative Payroll Solutions  – We have multiple options for any industry, sector or job role.
  • Flexible Payment Terms – We have options to support your business, and flexible margin structures for your workers.
  • Dedicated Back Office – We always ensure that you have the help required for worker set up, administration and payroll.
  • Professional Compliance – Our HR & Compliance team is constantly at the forefront of any regulatory changes.
  • Operational Training – We provide training to new/existing internal staff to ensure they are aware of all suitable solutions.

We will also provide you with complete reporting facilities:

  • AWR Compliance reporting
  • Intermediary reporting
  • Employment Status reports
  • Any customised reporting required

Still Unsure?

There are lots of other benefits to working alongside Pendulum Contracting Services, but if you’re still unsure and need to discuss the matter further than our team is on hand just waiting for your call.

Call 0333 0066 296 to find out more!