The Bake Off

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The Bake Off

A few weeks ago we decided we would do a ‘Bake Off’ styled competition for the charity Merseyside Dogs Home.

We kicked off the competition with 3 chefs making a mix of sweet and savoury dishes and the themes continued into the final round were our winners all made cakes for the bake off final.

In week one our payroll team went head to head and a great range of dishes were made. Salt and pepper chicken and cheese ciabattas, Caramel chicken with rice and a Unicorn cheesecake set the tone for the first week of the competition. The 3 judges had decided that Cassie’s Unicorn cheesecake was the favourite and she progressed into the next round.

Week 2 we had the admin team against each other and it was a hard week for the judges. Liverpool hosted to PSG the night before, resulting in a disappointing 3-2 win and one of the participants forgetting to cook, leaving only 2 players left. A Terry’s chocolate orange cheesecake came up against the Millionaire Maltesers shortbread. The week was so hard for the judges that they gave both Kelly and Lee a win, along with a place in the final.

The last round of the knockouts was our biggest yet, having 4 players bake against each other for the remaining 2 places in the 5 person final. 2 savoury and 2 sweet dishes were made and together, rounded the knockouts off nicely. A white chocolate cheesecake and a red velvet cake were put forward for the sweet dishes whilst the savoury team had chicken, chorizo and prawn paella along with sweet potato sliders. Jen’s red velvet cake and Sarah’s mini sweet potato sliders secured the final 2 places in the final round.

The final was held the same week we had an office wedding. This inspired Kelly to create a wedding themed cake for the bride (who just so happened to be a judge). Cassie had made a classic Lemon Drizzle Cake, Sarah made a mango, lime and passionfruit cheesecake whilst Jen put together a raspberry white chocolate cake with KitKat’s on top.

The four finalists eagerly awaited the judge’s verdict as a half day’s holiday was on the line. The email finally was sent out by Lauren and it was Sarah who’s mango, lime and passionfruit cheesecake took the win. Sarah’s sweet potato sliders were worthy of winning any competition and as the favourite dish for almost everyone who participated I have included the recipe here.

The proceeds we earnt is going to be donated to Merseyside Dogs Home. We chose this as we felt this was a good charity close to home that does some great work for the dog community. The money we raised through office donations added up to £250. This has been matched by Pendulum so the total amount is £500.

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